At what temperature does vodka freeze? What does this figure mean?

Many people have at least once asked themselves the question,at what temperature does vodka freeze. This is quite a healthy interest. After all, each liquid has its own freezing point, and how high it is depends on the chemical properties and molecules that make up its composition.

at what temperature does vodka freeze

Alcohol and vodka

Everyone knows that alcohol is included in the composition of vodka.However, if you take it in pure form, then it will freeze only at a very low temperature, namely at -115 degrees. Due to the fact that such a temperature does not occur anywhere on Earth, alcohol is used as an anti-icing fluid, and also as an antifreeze. However, at what temperature does vodka freeze? In order to frost this alcoholic drink, you need only -29 degrees. Although sometimes less - around -25, everything depends on how good alcohol was used. By the way, it is worth noting that freezing vodka is an excellent method of testing its quality. What is the essence? If the vodka freezes at a temperature of -20 degrees, then this is a substandard product. In common people, such a drink is called "paly" - that is, it is an alcohol-based substitute, created under the wrong conditions from bad raw materials. Thus, knowing at what temperature the vodka freezes, you can prevent alcohol poisoning. And such cases, unfortunately, are quite frequent.

Freezing on Celsius

So, it has already been said, with how many degreesthe vodka freezes. The ice crust begins to form when the indicator falls below -27 ° C. But at what temperature does the vodka freeze completely? The final freezing of the drink occurs at about -35 ° C. Other alcoholic drinks are frozen at a much warmer temperature. For example, the beer will freeze at -3 degrees, the wine will be covered with a crust, if the freezer is about -12 ° C.

at how many degrees does vodka freeze

Cooling process

Many people believe that vodka is much betterdrink when it's frosty. In order for the drink to cool more quickly, it is even placed not in the refrigerator, but in the freezer. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise it will be necessary to unfreeze the bitter. So it's necessary to cool the bottle wisely. In an ordinary freezer, the maximum temperature usually does not exceed -24 degrees. So, if the vodka is of high quality, it should not freeze to the state of icy gruel. In order to avoid this at all, you can simply place the bottle on the top shelf of the refrigerator, closer to the far wall - the temperature is usually lower there. If the winter reigns in the street, it is not expected frost more than -25 degrees, then you can safely leave the vodka on the balcony or "overboard". In general, experts advise drinking vodka, which has cooled to +8 degrees. They claim that it is at this temperature that the beverage reveals the true smell and taste. In addition, it is much easier and more pleasant to drink such vodka - there is no sharp aroma, and after a sip, there is no desire to break the taste with a huge amount of juice. However, it is not necessary to overcool it. Firstly, vodka will lose some of its properties, in addition, you can catch a cold - because this drink is drunk in one gulp.

the vodka freezes at a temperature of

Degrees and Fortress

Alcohol and vodka are related fluids.However, why is their fortress different, in the same way as the temperature of freezing? The fact is that vodka is produced by distilling alcohol through the must. Its standard composition is wheat, rye, oats, barley, buckwheat, peas and corn. Also, alcohol is diluted with water purified in several stages, which in itself affects the reduction of the strength of the drink. And, finally, the vodka is filtered through activated charcoal. If everything is done correctly and under appropriate conditions, a high-quality alcoholic beverage with a strength of 40 degrees is obtained. By the way, there is another way to check how good this or that vodka is. You need to set it on fire, only preheat it to room temperature. If the flame has a green tint, then drink should not be used - it has too much methyl alcohol and you can get poisoned.