Where is the Sea of ​​Rains and its characteristics

Throughout the whole period of existenceHumanity is engaged in the study of the Earth's surface and not only. Scientists are interested in other planets and moons, one of which is the Moon. Studies have shown that on its surface there are lunar Seas of Rain, Clouds, Tranquility. Read about this in the article.

What are the lunar seas?

These are darkly colored spots that are visible in thedisk of the Earth satellite. The first seas were marked on the lunar map in 1651. It was made up of physicists along with astronomers of Italy. Later it turned out that the discovery has nothing to do with the seas, since there is no water there. The term "sea" was left to not come up with a new name.

So, where is the Sea of ​​Rains?On the surface of the moon. The seas occupy a large territory. These are lowlands with a relatively flat bottom, folds and peaks of low altitude. They are flooded with hardened lava, which is more darkly colored than the entire surface of the moon. The seas have a greyish-brown tinge.

The Sea of ​​Rains where is located

In the lunar maria the surface is covered with rockof volcanic origin - basalt, the formation of which occurred about 3-4 billion years ago, when the celestial body of a huge size (in diameter up to 300 kilometers) collided with the Moon. The sizes of the seas are different, their length reaches 200-1100 kilometers. Borders are roundness.

The lunar seas have craters.The largest in the size of the lowlands scientists gave the name of Ocean Storm. It extends to a length of 2000 kilometers and has a crater at the bottom in which oxygen rocks are found. The seas are framed by mountain ranges.

So, we answered the question, where is the SeaThe rains. On the moon. But the reverse side of it can not boast of a large number of seas. Moreover, all of them are characterized by small dimensions. Here, large structures of a different order were discovered - rings, which were called "basins", their diameter reaches 300 meters.

The Sea of ​​Rains

Where is the Sea of ​​Rains? Its location is Moon. The formation of the sea is the result of floodingimpact crater lava. It formed at the site of a large meteorite fall or comet's nucleus about 4 billion years ago. The lava gradually filled the crater, the bottom of which was smoothed and began to represent a relatively flat surface, the area of ​​which is 829,000 square kilometers. Now the bottom is not so smooth, it is crossed by waves, which indicates the flooding of the basin several times. Obviously, more than one blow struck the moon.

Where is the Sea of ​​Rain on the Moon or on Mars

So where is the Sea of ​​Rains?On the surface of the moon. The sea is the structure of shock origin and in the solar system is the fourth largest in size. Its diameter is 1123 kilometers, the depth is 5 kilometers, the difference in altitude is 12 kilometers.

Where is the Sea of ​​Rains - on the Moon or on Mars?The Sea of ​​Rains is located on the Moon. Its basin is surrounded by three ridges of mountains, one of which is seven kilometers taller than the rest. The diameter of the outer chain of mountains is 1300 kilometers. Scientists have identified three ridges, existing independently: in the south - the Carpathians, in the south-west - the Apennines, in the east - the Caucasus.

The article is devoted to the study of the SeaThe rains. We determined that its location is the Moon. The circumference of the sea basin is formed by radial grooves and furrows. The emergence of this relief is the result of a collision of the surface of the moon with fragments ejected by impacts when bombarded by meteorites or cometary nuclei. On the lunar surface were traces. The collision resulting in the formation of the Sea of ​​Rains has affected the lithosphere of the Moon by changing its structure.

Sea of ​​Clouds

Where is the sea of ​​rain, sea of ​​clouds, seaTranquility? Each of them is located on the Moon. The sea of ​​clouds is located on the south-west side of the Lunar center, or rather from the hemisphere that a person can observe. Above the Sea of ​​Clouds, the oval of the Sea of ​​Rains is clearly visible.

Flooded craters are ringeducation, like clouds. These are the lunar seas. When they were watched by people of the distant past using primitive telescopes, they began to be called the Sea of ​​Clouds.

Where is the sea The rains Sea The clouds The sea Tranquility

The cloud layer was created by bright rays, whichcome from a crater called Tycho. It is located near the Sea of ​​Clouds on its southern side. Light rays, like clouds, do not react to the terrain. They resemble white stripes on the lunar surface. The rays can be easily seen against the backdrop of the dark seas. At different phases only their brightness changes.

Sea of ​​Tranquility

Usually the moon is perceived as a surface,dotted with craters. But this is not so. And there are lonely, deserted places. One of them is the Sea of ​​Tranquility. Its surface is smooth, with occasional small craters visible on it. The largest is Bessel, its location is the southern part of the sea. On its northern side there are the craters of Pliny and Vitruvium, filled with lava.

Where is the sea of ​​rain

On the Moon, at first there was only the Ocean of Storms.To the east of it was formed the Sea of ​​Tranquility with a diameter of the basin of 800 kilometers. Later, the Moon underwent more blows, after which the basins of other seas were formed. The territory of the location of the Sea of ​​Tranquility is the intersecting and overlapping rings of existing basins and the ancient rings of the Ocean of Storms passing here. The shore line is uneven, in some places there are cliffs and distinctly visible outlines.

Man on the Moon

For the first time the human foot set foot on the surface of the Moonin the area of ​​the Sea of ​​Tranquility from the south-west side between two craters. The Apollo 11 spacecraft landed 100 kilometers east of the Sabine crater and 260 kilometers west of Censorin. The landing site was the basaltic base of the Sea of ​​Tranquility. The date of this historic event was July 20, 1969.