Blue Lake (Abkhazia) - a unique natural attraction

Abkhazia is the land of wonders and unique nature.Some attractions have made this country world famous, for example, the Blue Lake. Abkhazia annually receives a huge number of tourists who wish to see this creation of nature with their own eyes, as well as visit the nearby Rizza Lake. What are the reservoirs of this state unique?

Why is the lake blue?

Blue Lake Abkhazia
Its name was given to the reservoir because of the unusualthe color of the water. Depending on the season, it looks then heavenly-sapphire, then bluish-green. And it's not surprising that the Blue Lake changes, Abkhazia is a magical country. Desires here can be thought up at almost every step, and they all come true. Not far from the lake you can tie a ribbon, thinking about the most intimate, and be sure that soon all will be fulfilled. The size of the pond is small - about 180 square meters. m. But the depth that the Blue Lake has, Abkhazia made legends for centuries. There is even a beautiful story about the fact that there is no bottom. And no less romantic legend, claiming that the color of water is attached to lapis lazuli, which covers the entire bottom.

What is the nature of the pond: legends and truth

Blue lake in Abkhazia photo
This lake is a karst well.Curious is the fact that high water flows into the pond, but the surface of the water is always calm. Another inexplicable fact is that the lake does not overflow even during periods of heavy rains. As for the depth, according to scientists, it is not less than 76 meters. If you decide to visit the Blue Lake in Abkhazia, photos of which you see in front of you, you need to go in the direction of the more famous lake Ritsa, and on 16 km of the road you will see Goluboe. Because of the great depth, the water in this pond is always cold, even on the hottest summer days. Its average temperature is +7 degrees.

Interesting facts about the Blue Lake

Lakes of Abkhazia Photo
Bathing in this pond is prohibited, but sometimesdaredevils from tourists on a dispute jump into the water directly from the survey bridge. Violators of serious sanctions are not used. There is a belief that it is enough to drink water from the lake, in order to never get sick, and wash it for the attainment of eternal youth and beauty. However, many lakes in Abkhazia, photos of which are easy to see in colorful guides, are famous for their magic properties. Tourists who have tried the water of the Blue Lake, confirm that it is amazingly invigorating, especially on a hot summer day. Interestingly, even in winter this lake does not freeze. Despite this fact, it does not fish and other representatives of the animal world. In the vicinity of the lake is an excellent nature. You can admire the water body from above (near the road there is a bridge) or standing directly at the water's edge. Around the water bowl there are various entertainments for tourists who decided to visit the Blue Lake. Abkhazia is a hospitable country - here you can take pictures for free at the background of stuffed animals or for a symbolic reward - in national clothes. If you decide to visit this unique natural monument, do not be lazy to drive a little further and stop near the huge lake Ritsa - another cult landmark of the country.