Petrovsky lake in Russia: description

Petrovsky Lake in Russia is not one, there are several. They are located in the Pskov, Leningrad, Moscow regions and in the Altai Territory. They are all different. Let's look at each of them.

Petrovsky (Uz) lake

The lake, located in the Pskov region,officially has two names: the first - the Uz, the second - the Petrovsky. The reservoir is flowing, the coastline is rugged, many shallow areas overgrown with vegetation. Refers to the basin of the river. The bond. There are practically no beaches. The bottom is muddy. The banks are very steep, low and sloping. A lot of islands and bays are typical for such a body of water as Petrovsky Lake. Where is it in the Pskov region? In the Dedovichi region, between two similar reservoirs: the lake. Gorodnovsky and the lake. Lokno. Uzskoye is 2.3 km away2 territory of the Sudom Upland. The average depth in the pond does not exceed 5 m, but in some places it can reach 10 m. It feeds on the precipitation and underground keys.

The lake is surrounded by forests and meadows, a little furtherFields for watering which uses water from this pond. There are almost no resting people here, but there are a lot of fishermen. It is quite easy to explain this - Petrovsky Lake is rich in aquatic vertebrates. There are pike and perch along the coast, bream and sticks - at depth. Previously, there were a lot of pike perch, but due to silting its population has decreased significantly.

In the lake area are two settlements: the village of Uza (directly on the coast) and the village of Vysheorod (1.5 km south of the reservoir).

Peter's lake

Petrovskoe (Kuchane) lake

In the Pskov region there is one more Petrovskoea lake called Kuchane. It is located in the Pushkinogorsky district. Dimensions are medium (area - almost 175 hectares). Refers to the basin of the river. Soroti. The reservoir is shallow, the average index does not exceed 2 m. Closer to the center there are pits. In them, the depth reaches almost 4 m. For tourism and fishing it is practically not used, since one part of the reservoir is located on the territory of the Mikhailovsky Museum-Reserve, and the other is part of Pushkinogorya. The bottom is mostly muddy, but in places there are rocks and sand. The banks are sloping, approaches to the water are steep. Wetlands are often found. The pond is surrounded by forests and meadows. Vegetation under water is well developed, this creates favorable conditions for many species of fish. In large numbers here are found bream, roach, pike, perch, etc. Near the lake are the villages of Petrovskoye and Mikhailovskoye.

Petrovskoe lake where is located

Lake Petrovskoe in the Moscow Region

In the suburbs, near a small village Zarudnya,there is another Petrovsky lake. This reservoir formed in the floodplain of one of the most significant rivers of Russia - Oka. Administrative territory of the reservoir refers to the Kolomna district. The lake is small and has an oval shape. It covers an area less than one square kilometer (0.6 km)2).The average width of the water area is about 300 m, and the length is up to 3 km. Although Petrovskoe and flowing, but there is little fish here. In order to catch anything, you need to know certain places. And this information is owned only by local residents. There are practically no fishermen and tourists. The coastline is unattractive for recreation. There are no forests at all. But practically all the coast are occupied by different villages, it is worth noting that there are a lot of them in this region.

Lake Petrovskoye in the Leningrad Region

Another Petrovskoe lake is inLeningrad Region, and to be more precise, in the Priozersky District. From the town of the same name, it is separated by 1.5 km, and from the railway station of Petyaarvi a little more - 5 km. The lake occupies just over 85 hectares. It is the source for a small brook that flows into the Petrovka River. On the coast there are bases, a camp, some private cottages and arable land. The forest zone is absent, only in some places there are shrubs.

Near the southeastern coast there is a section of the lake, which is swamped by about 20 m. In the summer, the reservoir flows strongly enough. This is connected with a farm that constantly pollutes the lake.

Petrovsky lake pictures

Petrovsky Lake in the Altai Territory

Petrovsky lake (photo of which is below) alsothere is also in the Altai Territory. It can be found in the Troitsky district. It is located very near the village of Lake Petrovsky. The climate in this territory is predominantly continental. The places are quite quiet.

Peter's lake in Russia

Vacationers who like to spend a lot of time forbathing, and those who prefer to fish, constantly come to this lake. It attracts most of the inhabitants of the surrounding areas with its beauty and bribes with excellent conditions.