The blue lakes of Kazakhstan are the highlight of the region

Blue lakes of Kazakhstan - a unique paradise. In total there are about 48,262. The area of ​​some is more than 1 square kilometer.

blue lakes of Kazakhstan
Rest in Kazakhstan: blue lakes are the highlight of the region

To visit this place is the dream of many tourists. Picturesque landscapes are fascinating at first sight. Now consider the most famous Blue Lakes of Kazakhstan.

Lake Shchuchye is one of the deepest in thecountry. Its depth is 18 meters. The length of the reservoir from one shore is seven kilometers, and on the other - three kilometers. Lake Shchuchye is a fish place, you can catch both a pike and a perch.

The large Chebachev lake is one of the cleanest. There are a lot of crayfish there, and crayfish, as you know, are fans of crystal water. Landscapes of this place will not leave travelers indifferent.

rest in kazakhstan blue lakes
Blue Lakes (Kazakhstan)

Borovoye ... These places will amaze you with a "dancing" birch grove - trees that are curved and intertwined. You will have a feeling that they are dancing.

The land on which the Blue Lakes are locatedKazakhstan, are reserved. Not an exception - Lake Markakol. It is located in the mountains located in the eastern part of Kazakhstan. The length of Lake Markakol is thirty-eight meters, its depth is fourteen meters, and its width is nineteen. It is very rich in different kinds of fish. In the coastal forests there are many such birds, such as hazel grouse, black grouse, partridge and grouse.

Between the mountain ranges is Lake Zaisan.Its area is 1810 square kilometers. Some scientists believe that dinosaurs lived on its shores. Currently, the lake is an adorable place for fishing enthusiasts.

In the central part of Kazakhstan, itswater lake Tengiz. Noteworthy is the fact that the water in it is salty, the fish are not found there. But tourists will be able to see the pink flamingo, which is a symbol of these places.

Issyk-Kul Lake is in Issyk gorge. It is located near the large city of Almaty (about seventy kilometers). The water temperature in it is about +10 degrees Celsius.

The blue lakes of Kazakhstan amaze with their beauty.Very picturesque is the Big Almaty Lake, located near the three largest peaks of the Tien Shan mountain range. It is in the national park. The depth of the pond is fifty meters, many trout are found in it.

At an altitude of two thousand meters above sea levelthe lake of Kaindy is located. Its length reaches four hundred meters, and in depth it is about thirty meters. The lake attracts tourists with stunning views of the gorges of Sata and Kaindy.

Не менее популярны Кольсайские озёра, здесь их called the necklace of the northern Tien Shan. The water in them is dark blue, in which the ancient Tien Shan firs are reflected. The depth of the lake is fifty meters. Fans of fishing will enjoy trout, which lives there in abundance.

blue lakes

Blue lakes of Kazakhstan are fascinating with their beauty. A lot of interesting legends are associated with them. Come and enjoy their greatness and mystery. Have a nice holiday!